Entrance Exam

Your college/university gets a lot of admission enquiries and you find it hard to filter out quality students? Fret not,we help you deliver customised entrance exams to screen students before admission.

Placement Practice Pack

Basic aptitude tests help the companies to make an informed decision when it comes to hiring. But sadly 3 out of 5 candidates are not job-fit owing to aptitude deficit. Our placement practice packs will help your students become job-fit quickly with an intelligent result oriented approach.



Get up close and personal with your students. Connect with them through live chats,live video class rooms,forums,blogs etc. Send out important notifications like class schedules/news updates through mail/sms.

Learning System

Learning is an integral part of assessments. Our self-adaptive learning system, learns the student’s strength and weak areas and works on improving them to deliver quick results. So kick back and create your video,audio,ppt,html lessons. We have got you covered on this !


Internal Exams

Create custom assessments to assess your students for all your internal exams. Publish ranks,toppers and leadership scorecard to encourage and establish a strong peer learning environment.

C2C Secure – Advanced proctoring tool

Our easy to use online Assessment Tests are conducted under proper safety as well as security with inbuilt features


Real time video based proctoring or random shots of the test taker and part of the surrounding area during the test window.


Tracks the test takers' IP address and connectivity at random intervals. This ensures the same test is not taken at multiple places.


Keyboard activity of the users are monitored to verify the user behaviour to ensure the test taker doesn't open any other browser.

Our association with BV has been really fruitful with high levels of service and capabilities demonstrated by BV.
It’s a great pleasure of working with your team of Brainvalley solutions. I must tell you that the team you have is the best.
Quizky has proved to be an excellent one-stop solution for test delivery across all our products.

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