How is your recruiting strategy working out?

Are you still asking your candidates to use the same old web forms to get their data?

It is time to rethink and rework your hiring strategy. To assess on how well they will perform in the job during the initial screening process is now becoming mandatory to compete for talent. HR faces these issues when they recruit for high-volume, lower skill roles.  To identify the right talent becomes extremely difficult and most of the time the process is left to probability. Using a platform likeclick2cert that uses the explicit and implicit data provided by candidates can tell you how long the candidate will stay in the job. To quickly find out the resources who will stay on the job for long time is important to the organizations bottom line.

On the Flip side the candidates also expect the process to be simple and quick. They time they take to judge the company is quick. If they think it doesn’t deliver they turn things down immediately. Job seekers would prefer getting to the essentials rather than filling out a lengthy job application. They want a simple and short experience. If the process is lengthy you are likely frustrating and turning away to losing good candidates to your competition.

The Steps to simplify the initial screening process

  • Identify the core skills required for the job role
  • Define the areas in which the candidates are to be assessed and measured
  • Identify an online platform which has the right tools to measure the skills required  and give you the initial assessment report
  • Send the link to all the applicants and ask them to take these tests.
  • Based on the test results you can choose the candidates who will be the right fit for the roles.
  • Asking your candidates to take Psychometric, coding, and Aptitude tests online will make your job much easier, as these tools provide you with the fitment score of the candidate and gives insights into their behavioral patterns.
  • Using such scientific tools can lower your attribution by 25%, which will contribute to your organizations bottom line.
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