We specialize in assessment solutions! Be it for students, coaching institutes, corporate or colleges. We have delivered over 30 million tests for an array of competitive exams and employers.

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At Brainvalley, we and our clients have a thing in common – We want the the world to be a better place with quality students/candidates. We help our clients across the globe deliver glitch free assessment & increase revenue Period.

Our key clientele (T.I.M.E, Kotak, IMS, Byju’s, S10 Healthcare) is a reflection of the quality of the services we provide to millions of test takers. To talk numbers, we have delivered over 30 million tests to date for an array of competitive exams & employers.

Brainvalley is an end to end tech partner for all your organization’s IT needs. Our products help you right from enquiries, follow-ups, enrolments, lessons & assessments !


Launched Click2Cert - Pre Hire Assessment Platform. Pan India Campus test "Click2Cert National Employability Test"

Offices in Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore

Aquired 50th client, Microsoft Bizpark Plus

Red herring NASCOMM 10,000 Start-Up

Launched Quizky - Online Assessment Platform

Our association with BV has been really fruitful with high levels of service and capabilities demonstrated by BV.
It’s a great pleasure of working with your team of Brainvalley solutions. I must tell you that the team you have is the best.
Quizky has proved to be an excellent one-stop solution for test delivery across all our products.

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