The ever growing skills gap has been has been a major concern for new age employers. A considerable number of recruiters feel that despite having open positions finding suitable candidates has become challenging. The current job market is not only frustrating for those looking for employment, but also for companies with open positions that are ineffectual in finding the right candidate. There is a growing bridge between the needs of the employers and the skills that are available in the job market today. Due to this employees as well as employers fail to realize their full potential and creates multiple negative consequences for businesses and therefore the economy which in turn has a direct impact on employment.

In simple terms, skill gap refers to a disparity between the demand and supply side of the market. A more granular approach would address the skill gap as the difference in the skills needed for a job and those possessed by a prospective worker. It is widely known that knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness of people are critical to sustain development, economic, and social activity in a hyperactive society. Given the current high-paced growth and dynamic investment environment in India, the demand for skilled workers with high levels of expertise in technical and soft skills will only increase. With expansion taking place across sectors; banking and financial services (BFSI), retail, manufacturing, pharma, SMBs, outsourcing/offshoring companies, service providers, etc. there already exists a comprehensive need for an individual with sharp presence of mind and skillfulness. It is also estimated popular business magazines that India would require a workforce of 2.3 million employees in the IT and IT-enabled services sectors by 2018.

One of the methodologies to tackle the problem of lacking job readiness in the IT sector is partnerships between the industries and academia. Brainvalley Solutions’ masterstroke known as Click2Cert provides skill certification on skills like Excel, SEO, Coding, wealth management, the overall attitude of an individual through psychometric tests and others across diverse sectors in the vocational space to align the education being given at various colleges, in accordance to the requirements of the industry. Click2cert certification is the most appreciated, highly demanded and most sought after by the employers pursuing for the perfect employee. We believe training individuals for the jobs of the future and allowing them to visualize what is conceivable today will not only make a difference in their lives but will enrich our communities now and for the future.

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