‘A set of achievements – skills, understandings and personal attributes – that make graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations, which benefits themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy.’ – Professor Mantz Yorke (2004) Employability in Higher Education: what it is – what it is not, Higher Education Academy/ESECT

Employability in other words is looking for a candidate who is employable not just in terms of the subject discipline or the graduate’s achievements which may be relatively unimportant according to new age recruiters but also in terms of the candidate’s efficacy, skills and understanding. Traditionally, to make sure an individual is employable for a required designation a series of face-to-face talks, tests (if required) and then a final interview is scheduled which takes at least a minimum of 7days followed by a brain storming session of whether or not the candidate is suitable for the job. If yes, then will he/she be able to cope up with the company’s work requirements? To elude the hassle of going through this strenuous process a Pre-hiring assessment is given.

Pre-hiring assessment is process where companies set up a testing platform in which individuals take up tests in reasoning, numerical and verbal skills. In today’s world where everything is run digitally 98% of the companies set up an online platform where individuals can take up tests at their convenience and comfort of their homes. Through this process companies are able to effectively filtrate the knowledgeable candidates relevant to the job. We at click2cert a Pre-hiring assessment platform provide an organization a platform where you can test the candidates under three main categories:-


  • Aptitude
  • Coding
  • Psychometric


Click2cert software enables the organizations to test the individual in the three above mentioned areas which play a vital role in assessing whether or not an individual is employable. Through aptitude it will be known whether the individual stands out in analytical, logical reasoning and verbal skills. Coding is a special feature introduced in click2cert where an individual will be tested in his coding skills online. This particular feature helps companies narrow down the search for a particular position saving much trouble to find the right candidate. Another brilliant feature is the psychometric analysis given to the candidates where it will be assessed if an individual is psychologically capable of working in an environment where he/she might have to mingle with his/her co-workers and to find out the behavior of a person on a relatively broad spectrum.

Online assessments helps choose the right candidate for a company resulting in a better quality of work and desired results in a well-organized manner. This is the main reason that choosing the right staff using online assessment method is essential to a company. To add on, choosing the perfect candidate for the also affects various elements such as organizational performance, liability, cost of recruiting and hiring.

It deals with different types of research and analysis on a number of candidates to arrive at the right candidate from the ever-growing pool of prospective applicants. With click2cert we have tests such as mental ability test or cognitive ability test that reflects the mental status of an individual and at the same time defines their positive spectrum of mind which helps them cope with other challenging factors at a work place. Through this we can test the Emotional Intelligence of a person and assess their core personality. These personality tests also give a possibly explicit idea regarding different interests of the candidate which could be helpful in taking the company forward in terms of efficiency.

These tests are also available for job seekers especially known to enhance the self-confidence of an individual through self-assessment using click2cert. Through this an individual can increase 70% chances of employability and attract companies by creating job opportunities for himself through the government authorized certificate issued at click2cert. These tests gives an individual a chance to self-improvise and stay on top of the charts in a highly demanding and extremely competent environment.

Using online assessment we can calculate the performance of a candidate with 70% accuracy for the purpose of recruitment. Therefore, predictions regarding the achievement rate of internal recruitments and work force are accurate to a certain extent since the previous performance of the candidate is already known. So this is a fool-proof way of testing the ability of a candidate smoothly and perfectly and this method is utilized by various companies across the globe.

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