Authoring Tool

Quizky’s Authoring Tool enables HR professionals, educators, subject matter experts to author questions, surveys, quiz etc. from a simple MS word or with our browser- based module.

Item Bank

Manage the items into tests, question bank, exams and finally publish them into assessments. Offering comprehensive solution to manage the export and import of items in a proper manner.

Meta Tags

Helps in defining and applying the Meta tags for the purpose of categorizing the questions in a structured manner so that items can be searched with the help of Meta tags as well as keywords.

Create Test

Through a very easy way you can create the test by fetching questions from our question bank as per your convenience.

Mathematical formulas

We include different types of complex mathematical formulas in the questions that can be easily edited without recreating the equations.

Multimedia Content

We also offer the feature of including the multimedia content like flash/audio/video in content for better understanding and compatibility.


Quizky provides explanation for each question so that the test taker can easily understand the question and give out a better performance.


Quizky helps both individual and multiple graders maintain consistency in marking constructed answers. This is achieved by using the Scoring Tool to define scoring rules, for each.

Item Version History

Maintains the access of the item history and controls the version through making changes and helpful review process.

20+ Question Types

Availability of questions in various formats ranging from essay type, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, True or False etc.